Pros For Developers

  • Full Visual Studio Integration
  • Reuse .NET Framework capabilities – more usable code, faster delivery, solution easier to implement
  • Reuse custom .NET Framework logic assembled in libraries
  • Use Your favourite .NET languages like VB.NET, C#, J#
  • Test using .NET Unit Testing Frameworks
  • Debug locally and remotely
  • Compiled code: compilation time validation, strong-type control
  • Seamless integration with NetIQ (Visual Studio generates QML which can be directly imported in NetIQ)
  • Possible same code on Unix and Windows (restricted to using .NET namespaces allowed by Mono Framework)
  • Track code changes in Knowladge Scripts with other development projects in Your favourite SCM tool like GIT, SVN, TFS
  • Developer API 100% covering exisitng VB/Perl API matching NetIQ documentation
  • Easy access to input parameters
  • Access to all NetIQ features like in regular KS
  • Easy project creation using built-in Visual Studio templates allows the creation and deployment of KS

Pros For Stakeholders

  • Cut Costs
  • Cut Time
  • More reliable and better tested Knowledge Scripts
  • Better utilization of development resources (.NET developers)
  • Possibility to involve experienced .NET developers
  • Broader range of specialists with more development experience
  • Cleaner work distribution between operations and development teams
  • Tracking and maintaining Knowledge Scripts along with other development projects
  • More possibilities for advanced script logic
Visual Studio Integration
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C# is the best language for Enterprise Development

Anythings that’s written using VBScript or Perl, can be done in C#.

More Types / Strong Typing

Developers may use all .Net Framework types as well as create new types.

Generic Collections

Generics ensures that collections and types may be safely used by developes, without casting objects from one to another.

Proper Error Handling

Ability to use Try/Catch/Finally clauses, makes code more reliable and readable.

Regular Expressions

Powerful .Net RegEx can be used for text processing inside Knowledge Scripts

Easy use of OS built-in capabilities

Logging to EventsLog, using Performace Counters for KS monitoring  easy access to FileSystem, powerfull Networking – it’s super-easy with .Net, and all of that may be used in .NetKS project to increase Knowledge Script functionality

Multi Threading

Developers may use Multi Threading to increase performance of the Knowledge Scripts implementations.

Lambda Expressions

Anonymous functions lets developers easily create delegates, without extra coding.

Object Oriented / Functional

C# is multiparadigm language, that improves developer coding abilities. Either functional or object-oriented, C# suits all needs.