.NetKS On-Site Evaluations and Proof of Concepts Started

We are already within the official on-site evaluations and proof of concept projects among multiple NetIQ AppManager customers. After the live demos and hands-on experience of the AppManager administrators and monitoring solutions developers, we have received very positive feedback.

.NetKS has been recognized as huge step in customizing AppManager dramatically decreasing the time needed to develop custom monitor solutions but also opening the doors for great new posibilities. The first projects involved monitoring virtual infrastructure using vendor supported SDKs for .NET, monitoring cloud resources on Azure and Amazon AWS and building advance application monitoring solutions.

The key features getting highest interest is the power of C# language, ability to use vendor supported SDKs and client libraries for almost any modern systems and advanced debugging capabilities.

We continue further works to deliver more great features and respond to all new ideas that where raised during these evaluations.

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