We offer professional training sessions for novice and advanced developers. Training meetings are organized both in online and on-site formula.


With following module new team members can quickly learn about AppManager and understand basics of Knowledge Scripts development in context of .NetKS:

.NET Knowledge Scripts Developer Introduction (4 hours)


  • AppManager Tool Introduction
  • AppManager Architecture
  • AppManager Operator Console Introduction
  • Custom Knowledge Script
  • Building Scripts with VBScritp or Perl vs .NET
  • Knowledge Script Input Parameters
  • Format of QML File
  • How .NET Script Works
  • Building Sample Hello World .NET Script
  • Deploying Knowledge Script
  • Configuring Knowledge Script Schedule and Parameters
  • Monitoring Scripts Events

150 USD / attendee – (remote)

2000 USD up to 10 attendees – (on-site, including travel costs)

Experienced developers can attend advanced workshops showing how to embrace all new benefits that come from building KSs with .Net and how to fit the development process into latest DevOps standards:

.NetKS Advanced Topics: Sharing Code, Automated Testing, DevOps, Remote Debugging, Third-Party Components (4 hours)


  • Shared Code and Dependencies
    • Sharing .NET Code Between Knowledge Scripts
    • Using Third-Party .NET Components
    • Pulling Dependencies with Nuget
    • Embedding vs GAC Registration of Dependencies
  • Testing and Debugging
    • Building Knowledge Script Unit Tests and Mocking AppManager API
    • Local Debugging
    • Automated Deployment of Knowledge Script from Visual Studio
    • Remote Debugging on Remote or Local AppManager Agent
  • Meeting DevOps Standards
    • Using GIT or SVN repository
    • Creating Continues Integration Plan with Automated Tests (sample on Atlassian Bamboo)
    • Creating Continues Delivery Plan
    • Code Quality Checks
  • AppManager API
    • Accessing Advanced AppManager API Methods
    • Using Datapoints and Monitoring in AppManager
  • Shared Knowledge Scripts for Linux and Windows

375 USD / attendee – (remote)

5000 USD up to 10 attendees – (on-site, including travel costs)


The online meetings are organized on weekly basis depending on number of registered attendees. Meetings are available in two timeframes to cover European and US Time Zone:

  • Basic Training: every wednesday at 11:00 AM CET and 6:00 PM CET
  • Advanced Training: every Thursday at 11:00 AM CET and 6:00 PM CET

On-site meetings are organized following custom agreements, to get timeframe proposal please contact our sales department.

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